Giant's Head Freeride


June 26,27,28 - 2017

There is no refund for this event unless it is cancelled

If we must cancel the event we will refund your full entry fee minus $20. This is the only way we can commit to holding the event this year without getting into deep financial trouble for the future year. Thank you for understanding!



Step 1
Pay in PayPal with a credit card or Paypal account


Step 2
Follow Paypal's instructions to return to Giants Head Freeride Website


Step 3
Complete the registration form.


Paypal has changed their menus recently. Please read all messages carefully and follow the instructions to head back to the Giant's Head Website after you pay.

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Details: Price includes 3 full days of shuttled freedriding plus a race day in the afternoon of day 3 (optional). Camping is included in the fee. No lunch is provided.